Filters and safety valves are system components of gas control lines where “industrial gases” or high purity gases are withdrawn from single cylinders or cylinder bundles.

Filter elements are installed at the inlet of the pressure regulating valves to ensure the operational safety of the valves. Built-in sintered metal filters retain dirt particles that would otherwise cause the pressure reducer to malfunction and ultimately fail.

Safety valves are used to prevent unduly high output pressures which, in the worst case, may endanger humans and the environment. This prevents the escape of gases, liquids or vapours that are harmful to the environment and health. To ensure that your system is 100% protected against overpressure, CE marked safety valves must be used. Safety valves are components of gas control circuits and are usually used as the last component directly before the actual process.

Application areas of the filters and safety valves include:

Especially for applications with corrosive gases, our filters and safety valves are also available in stainless steel.

Application areas:

Safety valves are indispensable in pipeline construction as well as in other closed systems such as tank plants, gas control lines, compressor and industrial plants. You will often find our safety valves in the pharmaceutical industry, in medical technology, in the drinking water sector and wherever aggressive media are used. Due to their high resistance to aggressive media, the stainless steel valves are often used in the chemical and petrochemical industry. But also in the food industry you will find safety valves made of stainless steel because stainless steel valves have a very good resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents.


In addition to the various pressure ratings, our filters and safety valves are available in brass or stainless steel.

Further types of our "filters and safety valves" can be found in our catalogue

Your advantages:

Our filters and safety valves in particular have proven their reliability, high functionality and longevity. Well-known gas companies have been using our products for years. Resistance and quality characterize our filters and safety valves and the satisfaction of our customers confirms our actions and actions. Benefit from our flexibility, short delivery times and product diversity. Together we will find an individual solution for your gas applications.