Here we sell our valves:

Pressure gas technology

Hornung GmbH is not only active as a system supplier for components but is also engaged in the field of pressure gas technology. Here we market our own products:

High purity gas control equipments among others for laboratories and

analyses up to a gas purity level of 6.0 and

Industrial gas control equipments

Individual solutions

We have begun production of products for autogenous technology. Our product spectrum has been extended by equipments for industrial gases (also known as PEGO). Finally, we have widened our product spectrum to include high purity gas technology.

Today are specialists in solving complex problem situations in pressure gas technology. Supplementary to our standard programme, we offer individual solutions tailored to your specific application areas. We develop special products or modify existing ones, if appropriate, for your requirements.

In the business division pressure gas technology
we develop and manufacture under our own roof
“Made in Germany”:

We supply following equipments:

Apart from the above, we also supply:

Ultra-sonic cleaning of individual parts and leak tightness testing by means of the helium leak test process with a test certification, are part of our standard procedures.

Our years of extensive experience in this field is your major advantage, and assures you that: we will develop highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for the application areas in your company.

Our product spectrum und technical information can be downloaded under:

We will be looking forward to your enquiries. Our qualified and experienced staff will be pleased to advise you.

Currently, our average delivery time in the Pressure Gas Technology business area is
3 working days