Gas preheater for industrial gases


Gas preheaters are used as freeze protection for downstream pressure regulators on compressed gas cylinders or cylinder bundles. The Hornung PEGO Passat II gas preheater efficiently prevents icing of the downstream pressure regulator caused by the flash cooling. The gas preheater is used on argon, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide, oxygen or nitrogen systems. The use of the gas preheater reliably prevents undesired reductions in flow rate and the associated disruptions in the production process.

Application areas:

Our gas preheaters are used for technical gases and ultra-pure gases up to a gas purity of 5.0 in the central gas supply of production plants or in the medical or chemical industry


The medium is indirectly heated in a pipe coil. The pipe snake is housed with the electric heating bundle in a liquid-filled container, which is protected by an aluminium casing pipe.

The pipe coil as a “pressure-maintaining piece of equipment” is developed and manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive DGRL 2014/68/eu.

PEGO Passat II

With the PEGO Passat II gas preheater, a pressurized gas at max. 200 bar is indirectly heated. The PEGO Passat II gas preheater is available in aluminium / copper for non-corrosive gases.

The fitting is configured individually according to your requirements with corresponding accessories and options ready for installation.

Further types of our valves/pressure regulators can be found in our catalogue

Your advantages:

In particular, our gas preheaters have proven themselves through reliability, high functionality and long service life. Well-known gas companies have already been using our products for years. Consistency and quality are the hallmarks of our pressure control valves and the satisfaction of our customers confirms our actions.

Profit from our flexibility, short delivery times and product variety. Together we will find an individual solution for your high purity gas applications.