Hornung GmbH is a manufacturer of high-purity gas systems and high-purity gas valves, among others. for laboratory and analytics, up to a gas purity 6.0.

During the production of our products and gas systems, the highest demands are placed on the materials, their surface properties, as well as on the series-specific cleaning and testing steps. Our strength is the manufacture of complex pressure regulating valves including leak testing with test certificate.

Outstanding quality “Made in Germany”, fast availability and individual solutions distinguish our range of products!

Where are high-purity gases used?

Applications and references of high purity gas control equipment and high-purity gas valves:

Use in laboratories by

Hornung high purity gas systems and fittings

Our range of high purity gas systems and fittings includes:

We supply our fittings for high purity gases up to a prepressure (input pressure) of max. 440 bar. In the output pressure, our performance spectrum covers the following range, starting at 50 mbar up to max. 400 bar. In the output pressure, our performance spectrum covers the following range, starting at 50 mbar up to max. 400 bar.

Our product range includes pressure regulators, gas supply valves and valves made of brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

Therefore, our valves can also be used for applications with aggressive, corrosive or toxic gases (up to a gas purity of 6.0) as well as liquids. We also offer central gas supply units for oxygen, inert gases and flammable gases. Metal membranes are used as standard for our ultra-pure gas systems and ultra-pure gas valves.

In addition to standard equipment in a variety of variants, our offer also includes customer-specific solutions that can be executed according to customer requirements.

We offer services in the field of design and engineering for your projects.

Together we develop solutions for your technical application.

Parts and components are manufactured and assembled on site, benefit from our flexibility and speed.

Wir bieten Dienstleistungen im Bereich Konstruktion und Engineering für Ihre Projekte. Gemeinsam erarbeiten wir Lösungen für Ihre technische Anwendung. Einzelteile und Komponenten werden am Standort gefertigt und montiert. Profitieren Sie von unserer Flexibilität und Schnelligkeit.

If you have any questions about your application, we are happy to advise.

Here is our information whether your application can be classed as ultra-pure gas technology:

What are high-purity gases?

High purity gases are gases with a residual impurity level in the ppm range; this refers to contamination by foreign gases. One ppm corresponds to a residual impurity of 0. 0001 volume in %. The representation of the purity is done in a so-called dot notation (5. 0/5. 5/6. 0 etc. ) for example:

We speak of high purity gases with a gas purity of 5.0 or higher.