Line pressure regulators are components of gas supply systems and are usually used as a second pressure reducing stage after the expansion station in the central gas supply system. Line pressure regulators are used for compressed gases as well as for gases dissolved under pressure to reduce the respective inlet pressure and to keep the set back pressure constant. Especially for applications with corrosive gases our line pressure regulators are also available in stainless steel.

application areas:

Line pressure regulators for high purity gas up to a gas purity of 6.0 are used for applications in production plants or in the medical or chemical industry. They are used especially in laboratories for the supply of high purity gases.

Areas of application of the pressure control valves include:

Line pressure regulators are part of the central gas supply system where high purity gas is taken from individual cylinders or cylinder bundles.


Our line pressure regulators are available in different versions. In addition to the different pressure levels, there are line pressure reducers in matt chrome-plated brass or stainless steel in 1-stage and 2-stage design for constant output pressure. For oxygen with BAM verification and authorization up to 300 bar input pressure.

futher types of our “line pressure regulators for high purity gases” can be found in our catalogue

Your advantages:

Our line pressure regulators in particular have proven themselves through reliability, high functionality and durability. Well-known gas companies have already been using our products for years. Consistency and quality are the hallmarks of our pressure control valves and the satisfaction of our customers confirms our actions.

Profit from our flexibility, short delivery times and product variety. Together we will find an individual solution for your high purity gas applications.