Hydrogen pressure regulators for fuel cells

Hydrogen is no longer a fuel of the future, as the change of the future has already begun and the applications of hydrogen increase steadily.

Hornung GmbH also offers a comprehensive range of products for the technology of the future and the present. As a manufacturer of pressure gas technology armatures, you also benefit from our flexible, individual solutions in the field of hydrogen technology.

From the design&development, over the individual part up to the final assembly and leak testing. Precision „Made in Germany”!

The task of the Hornung regulators for hydrogen is to reduce high input pressures from gas cylinders, bundles or trailers with up to 420 bar to a lower working pressure level up to 350 bar (depending on the model), as well as to maintain the pressure level if the pressure in the gas tank drops due to the emptying of H2 over time.

For hydrogen applications Hornung supplies hydrogen pressure regulators for use as cylinder pressure regulators; line pressure regulators; DOM pressure regulators; high pressure regulators; battery pressure regulators; central pressure regulators.

The use of hydrogen:

Elemental (molecular) hydrogen serves as a starting material for the production of ammonia, hydrochloric acid, methanol; aniline and many other substances. It is also used as a welding gas. In metallurgy it is needed as a reducing agent for the extraction of metals. Hydrogen is used as a fuel in fuel cells and is becoming increasingly important in energy production.

Even considering the cost aspects, it is an interesting technology with perspective! There are many options for the use of H2, as the production of raw materials and industrial storage, as well as electricity, heating and mobility.

Classical applications:

The most important hydrogen user is the chemical and petrochemical industry, which requires hydrogen as a raw material for a variety of syntheses and hydrogen reactions. Hydrogen is used, among other things, in the production of hydrogen.

Used in the following industries:

Hydrogen is used in a wide range of technologies, for example:

Hydrogen, an energy concept with a future! Here, too, a large number of pressure regulators are used.

In the range of our valves, you can use the following pressure regulators for hydrogen, such as: HD250 and HD400 as line pressure regulators and bottle pressure regulators (each single-stage piston pressure regulators for high-purity gases, gas mixtures and liquids). Especially in the field of technical gases, our product range offers the DH and LH Dom pressure regulators and Line pressure regulators series. Also available as PID version with integrated pilot regulator. Our product range offers hydrogen pressure regulators (pressure regulators usable for hydrogen) usable up to 350 bar output pressure.

Our armatures can also be used in a central gas supply system with automatic change over.

The following Hornung fittings are particularly suitable for hydrogen:

Available in brass or stainless steel with appropriate accessories.

Advantages of Hornung Hydrogen Pressure Regulators:

In addition to our standard range, we also produce individual solutions tailored to your needs. Hornung gas supply fittings are available in numerous multifunctional configurations and offer guaranteed performance, durability and reliability. We support you at every step of your project: from product selection and planning to commissioning and maintenance or repair.

Detailed information about our individual pressure reducers can be found in our catalogues.

Among other things, the following pressure regulators are suitable for use with hydrogen.